Study And Design Of Buildings

The excellent team of collaborators and professional company construction management consultants of AMIRIDIS AND ASSOCIATES offer a wide range of building services and architectural advice on the study and design of buildings for the successful implementation of projects.

From the design stage to completion of a new building, apartment, maisonette, cottage, shop, craft building and  hotel this innovative company provides all the necessary studies and procedures for the issuance of building permits.
With responsibility, consistency and speed we undertake the completion of all the studies that are required whether it is new Building  Licence  or addition to an existing building or change of use.
We take into account the real needs of the building and the building user, the modern technology of construction, and we create a detailed 3d dimensional photorealistic model of the final result of the building before construction begins. In that way we make it possible to understand the exactly architectural or decorative study  and we give the opportunity to discuss possible alternatives so that to ensure the optimal architectural result.
Having proper training, technological means, experience but also a reliable partner network we cover a wide range of studies.


  • Architectural Studies
  • Structural Design
  • Topographical Studies
  • Engineering Studies
  • Environmental Studies
  • Geological Studies
  • Studies of Cooling and Heating
  • Studies of Fire Safety
  • Studies of Natural Gas