Private Projects

Our company deals with the completed production of building area. We undertake the :

  • design
  • issue all the necessary permissions
  • supervision
  • manufacture

We provide services from the stage of finding suitable plot and offering services from "zero" to "turn the key". We are also, property developers specialized in residence and commercial use.

Our company is in building designing. Experienced and specialised engineers deal with the design of modern and preservable buildings. We undertake the finding of suitable plots, the transaction of all the required legal processes, the design of buildings, to issue of all the necessary authorisations and approvals, the syntax of the budget and qualitative elements, the follow-up - supervision of manufacture in all the phases with syntax report of progress per regular time intervals

In the frame of our long-lasting experience in the field we know and we collaborate with companies and professionals that are distinguished for their moral and their quality of work, the observation of timetables and for their prices.

Our objective in each work that we undertake apart from his size, are:

  • The right planning and design
  • The optimal proportion of quality-cost.
  • The excellent result.
  • The satisfaction of the customer.

Our objects are : detached houses (rural and urban), blocks of flats, buildings of mixed use (offices, shops, residences), professional spaces, shops, commercial reports, industrial spaces, buildings of offices, hotels, tourist camps, churches, religious spaces and mosque.

Our services are completed with the possibility of undertaking the construction of the project. We provide apart from the given certifications, our collaborators with longly lasting work site experience, with continuous presence on the spot work. Competitive relation of quality - cost and precision in the observation of timetables.

At the same time we are constructing residential buildings for sale. The construction is realised in plots privately owned or under "giving in exchange for". Our work distinguished us for the ergonomic spaces, the quality of manufacture, the "after sales" support of our customers and the speed of construction.