Public (Govermental) Projects

Our company deals with the manufacture of public work. We allocate degree of 1st category, having the proportional certification from the services of Ministry of environment, country planning and public work for the undertaking of projects in the fields:


And in Consortia with corresponding companies of Electric and mechanical projects.

We have continuous and achieved presence in the implementation of work in the wider region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace.

Confirmation of our qualitative services in all sectors constitutes our presence in work of wider public sector with success and quality.

Our company has 1st category degree of undertaking public projects, which certifies our 8 years achieved course in the space. All our collaborations were finished with excellent results and quality observing the approved timetables and the qualitative elements of studies.

The institutions implementation of work and the supervising services remain absolutely satisfied from the results. Probative of the gravity with which we execute the work, are that the citizens and the neighbours of the under implementation work, are not bothered or have a rough time. The briefing that we provide for them and the organisation of the worksite that we apply has protractor not only the right but also the minimal possible harmful effect of the citizens.